Dylan O’Brien at the Giffoni Film Festival July 21/14

god must have spent a little more time on you: Justin Timberlake

'I used to think I actually was Batman'

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Favorite People | Robbie Williams

'I'm a born entertainer. When I open the fridge door and the light goes on, I burst into song.'

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[6/10] TV Shows

↳ Castle

'There is a universal truth we all have to face, whether we want to or not, everything eventually ends.'

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I definitely wasn’t cool in high school. I really wasn’t. I did belong to many of the clubs and was in leadership on yearbook and did the musical theater route, so I had friends in all areas. But I certainly did not know what to wear, did not know how to do my hair, all those things.

Remember those posters that said, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”? Well, that’s true of every day but one - the day you die.